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About Me.


I am is a Registered Nurse from the State of California (USA) and I have worked in various clinical specialties. I hold a MASTER'S OF SCIENCE Degree in NURSING, with an Emphasis in Education (MSN), have Certification in Nurse Education, and work as  Diabetes Care & Education Specialist (formerly Certified Diabetes Educator). I have over 19 years experience as a Registered Nurse.

I create educational music about NURSING & HEALTH-related topics.All music featured on this site is Written, Arranged, Produced, and Performed by yours truly...NURSE MASTER CHARLIE.


My website is created by a NURSE (me) for Nurses, NURSING STUDENTS, & those considering becoming a NURSE.

It is a combination of downloadable resources, reinforcing educational music, Lyric videos, and a BLOG!

Be sure to also check out my YOUTUBE channel for my content videos pertaining to specific topics and clinical skills.


Enjoy, listening, reading & downloading and LEARNING!

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