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This is the official Website for Nurse Master Charlie! This is where Nursing, & Education, & Music, & Health & PASSION come together!


A life steeped in Sound, Music, and Nursing!!!

Who is Nurse Master Charlie??

Nurse Master Charlie began playing saxophone as a youth, and then learned to play piano /keyboards, guitar and drums. While in high school, he began to write poetry, which after high school evolved to lyrics. He then began to add music to the lyrics, which then eventually would became songs.

Nurse Master Charlie has been REGISTERED NURSE for the past 15 years, he was an X-Ray Technician for 10 years prior to that, and a medical assistant before that. While in nursing school, he wrote his first 2 nursing songs. He holds a Master's of Science in Nursing degree, with an emphasis in Education, and is also a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)

Music Concert

Nurse Master Charlie is musically gifted, and has the ability to transform disease related topics into songs that are clinically based, have memorable lyrics, and are served on a  hip-hip/R&B plate of music. Nurse Master Charlie writes, performs, produces, and records all  his music independently. Learn more by exploring the site, and feel free to get in touch with any of your comments and questions.

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Nurse Master Charlie uses The KORG: TRITON, YAMAHA: MOTIF keyboard-workstations;The BOSS: DR-880, and AKAI XR 20 Drum machines; PRO-TOOLS recording software; and The DiGiDesign 002 Audio/Midi interface. These are the instruments, keyboards, drum machines, hardware/software and programs used to make the music / songs!!!