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All lyrics copyrighted 2018 Nurse Master Charlie (C.Reyes, Jr.)



What is Diabetes? Well im glad you asked…

So grab yourself a seat and pull up a chair and welcome to diabetes class


-Let me tell you about this disease that’s taking over the world

It doesn’t care if your black or white, rich or poor, Or a boy or girl

-So first lets talk about some pathophysiology, 

about the pancreatic beta cells, cuz their to blame you see

-In TYPE-1, its an autoimmune response, the body attacks the beta cells

And destroys the insulin makers, leaving them like a dried up well

-In TYPE-2, the BETA cells start to die off, it just don’t make any sense,

and at the same time u start to develop insulin resistance

-By the time your down to 20% of your insulin production,  it’s hard to handle the amount of sugar

Floating around in your circulation

-And one more type called GDM happens during pregnancy

So lets talk about the signs and symptoms that happen with this disease



-Back to signs and symptoms of this disease

They can all be summed up together in Retin, Nephro, Neuropathies

-A person may feel tired and fatigued, or have changes in their vision, making it hard to see

Or have frequent urination or be excessively thirsty

-You can have numbness, tingling or burning on the bottom of your feet

-You see the full name is diabetes mellitus, which means something sweet… that’s going thru the body…

…A definition from the Greeks

-It came from an early type of urine test, Primitive to say the least

Where scientists would taste the urine to see if it was sweet

-It was a discovery that haunts us to this very day

And the statistics are unbelievable of its exponential growth rate



-So what can you do to prevent or slow the progression of this disease,

 U can start by getting tested and check your A1C

-Start watching your diet, maybe count those carbohydrates

And add some proteins and veggies together on your plate

-U can also benefit quite nicely from some basic exercise

Be it walking, running or biking, it has to become a regular part of your life

-One more thing before I let you go…that you should know about me

Imma certified diabetes educator, better known as a CDE

-It’s my job and passion to educate you about what to do, to help you control your blood glucose, So it won’t destroy you

-On a personal note, over 20 years ago, diabetes took away my mom,

 and it’s the main reason of why I wrote this song

Chorus x3



CHORUS:     COPD…….What can it be? Its Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

- COPD is an inflammatory disease that blocks  airflow out of the lungs

The 2 most common types are chronic bronchitis, and emphysema 

-It’s the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States

Environmental pollution and cigarette smoking keep increasing these rates

-It usually occurs in men and women, about 40 years of age,

Although it affects both, the number of deaths in women has a higher rate

-Like the name says, it’s a chronic disease, COPD blocks airflow making it hard to breathe


-It starts with shortness of breath, known as SOB, You take a breath in through the tracheobroncial tree

-From the trachea down into the left and right mainstem bronchus,    Air is taken deeper into the lungs for us.

-Down to the bronchioles, and into the alveoli,……….. oxygen is exchanged, so we don’t die

-But the alveoli lose their e-las-tic-ity, ----and the air becomes trapped, making it hard to breathe

This, decreases ,the function of the lungs,….   This type of COPD, is  called Em-phy-sema


-When the bronchial tubes become narrowed, and mucous fills your airways

The airways become inflamed which leads to a chronic cough everyday

-Then comes the wheezing & crackles, and eventually cyanosis

This 2nd type of COPD is called… Chro-nic Bron-chi-tis

-It’s defined as a productive cough that last 3 months or longer per year, for at least 2 years

Usually from chronic smoking and is treated with bronchodilators

-This leads to pulmonary resistance and pulmonary hypertension…you see

And can lead to right sided heart failure known as COR Pulmonale


-About  1% of those with COPD have a genetic disorder of a protein , called Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency

…which is produced in the liver, and without enough, can’t protect from an enzyme called Neutrophil Elastase,  which can cause lung disease, jaundice, cirrhosis, and panniculitis

-Gonna mention a little about Asthma which is similar to bronchitis,

 it’s a narrowing of the airways with mucous production , and usually begins as a child

-COPD is diagnosed with a ratio of spir-om-etry………it measures the FVC or the forced vital capacity

-Divided by the FEV-1 or forced expiratory volume—or how much air is exhaled in 1 second

You have COPD if your ratio… is less than 0.7    (zero point seven) c


-There are many Signs & symptoms of COPD, such as SOB,  /  which can lead to fatigue and a lack of energy

-Wheezing, and coughing ……..and the production of excessive mucous

Which seems like it can’t be cleared, also chest tightness, and Cyanosis

-Lots of respiratory infections, and in the later stages weight loss,   Heart issues leading to swelling in your legs, feet and ankles

This leads to Complications like lung infections, heart attack and pulmonary hypertension

Lung cancer and even depression from the dehabilitation


To prevent COPD is easier said than done, one way is stop smoking, which is a powerful addiction

the best thing is to never smoke and stay away from chemical irritants, and always use protective respiratory equipment

So quit smoking and begin to eat a healthy diet and exercise, Maybe some oxygen therapy & pulmonary rehab to help you to breathe right



II’M A NURSE…Intro…Chorus

Verse 1-----I studied all the prerequisites of science and math

And entered into nursing school through the chosen path

I learned how to follow the nursing process, and did not hesitate

To Assess, diagnose, outcome, plan, implement ,and evaluate

After graduation…there was the nursing boards, better known as the NCLEX

A test to challenge all that was learned…about what to do first and next

Then I took the Nightengale nursing pledge to never give a harmful drug…                             

If we’re unsure of what it was, to be diligent and look it up


I’m a nurse, that’s what I be……..Ain’t no one else like me

I’m a nurse, I’ve got the skills and the training……..I’m a nurse…I can do anything


Verse 2 ----So u may ask yourself, what is a nurse, what is it exactly that we do

It would take a documentary or a mini-series to explain everything to you

Nurses are highly trained professionals with a nursing degree

From an Associates, Bachelors, MASTERS, PhD or DNP

You see there’s different levels of education, but the foundation is still the same

We all care for people in their time of need, To help get them back on their feet

We can be CEO’s, directors, managers, or bedside clinicians

Underneath it  all we’re a nurse, and Taking care of patients is our mission



Verse 3----I don’t mean to brag about all and everything we can do

But what other career deals intimately with life and death

From welcoming a newborn baby into this world, to holding a pts hand as they take their last breath

We deal with family dynamics on a scale you wouldn’t believe

All the while caring for the patient and at the same time trying to keep the peace

It’s our job to try and make the patient feel better

With everything we see and smell, our noses and stomachs are tougher than leather


Verse 4----Let me share a part of our nursing skills and some of the things that we can do

Put in an IV, a Foley catheter, or an NG tube , We take a patient’s vital signs and assess them from head to toe

Then document everything  in the EMR, to stay out of court you know

We notice the subtle changes and notify the MD,

and advocate for the patient, no matter what the need may be

And when our autonomy or profession is challenged, or we need to right a wrong

We march to the steps of Capitol Hill, with over 3 million nurses strong


Verse 5-----NOW…Recognize a real DON when u see one, by a DON I mean a D. O. N.

That’s short for director of nursing, not a mafia affiliation

Nurses always strive… to do their best

We’re so tough we should wear cape, with the letters RN on our chest

So please treat us with respect, and don’t be rude, ‘cause in zero to 60 seconds

I can turn into NWA, that’s a nurse with an attitude





-We obtain the oxygen from the atmosphere, which is 21%

And distribute it thru all the body, so pay attention all u ladies and gents

-Let’s begin with some basic anatomy with the 4 chambers of the heart

2 Atria and 2 ventricles, and each play their own part

-So let’s start in the left ventricle and follow a drop of blood, Out thru the Aortic valve,

Which prevents backflow of blood from going in and out,

-The oxygenated blood is in the left side of the heart and from there is goes

Up to the head and brain, to everything in between, and down to the feet and toes

-So it travels thru the arteries into the capillaries where the oxygen is exchanged

Now it’s the good blood for the bad blood and it’s transferred into the veins



It’s the heart valves opening and closing

And the heart pumping that blood around




-So it travels thru the circulation and into the Superior and inferior Vena Cava

Where it pours into the right atrium like some red hot lava

-Then thru the Tricuspid valve and into the right ventricle

Then thru the Pulmonic valve and into the Pulmonary artery, it’s all very cyclical

-Then out into the lungs, specifically the Alveoli

Where the Co2 goes out and O2 comes in, keeping us alive

-Now let the oxygen reign……….

Blood returns to the heart thru the pulmonary vein

-Into the left atrium, And Bicuspid, known as the AV valve

And back to the left Ventricle, where it all started , now you’ve just seen how



-The heart has its own supply of arteries, to bring itself some blood and O2

The left and right coronary arteries are the main 2,

-That divide into the left anterior descending, known as widow maker in men

 the circumflex branch, both which feed the ventricles and the left atrium

-The right coronary artery, or the RCA, is the left sides opposite match

The RCA splits into the right posterior descending and the large marginal branch

-A few other important arteries that branch off from the mains

To keep feed the heart walls

Are the acute marginal, posterior descending (PDA), Obtuse marginal (OM),

And the diagonals

The blood not only feeds the heart but also its electrical conduction system

It all works together with the SA node and AV node causing each contraction



“Bad to the Bone”


Verse I

A stage one may have intact skin that doesn’t blanch, usually over a bony prominence

The wound could be painful, warm or cool, better check your patient and turn them Q-2


In a stage two, things are getting pretty bad, It’s a partial thickness wound, shallow open and red

It could be blister like, shiny or dry, But the wound may be deeper than what’s seen by the naked eye



So let it be heard, and let it be known

That  wounds are…Bad to the bone

B, B, Bad, Bad to the bone, B, B, Bad, Bad to the bone


Verse II

In a stage three, tendon and muscle you cannot see, with full thickness tissue loss, slough and tunneling,

There could be undermining, ‘cause it’s like that, you can even see the subcutaneous fat

On to a stage four, is the way it goes, its tissue loss with tendon, muscle or bone exposed,

Slough, eschar and maybe some osteomylitis, so whatcha’ gonna do with a wound like this




Verse III

In an unstageable wound, you cannot really see, there’s no way to tell what’s up underneath

Until the eschar and slough is removed, there’s no way to tell the depth of this wound

A deep tissue injury is from pressure and sheer, and could result in a blood filled blister

The damage is underneath, and from within, and may be harder to see in people with darker skin



B, B, Bad, Bad to the bone, B, B, Bad, Bad to the bone


I’d like to give a shout out to Critical Care and the NPC, saving lives and making a difference,

Peace, and I’m outta here…


​Written, arranged, produced and performed by Nurse Master Charlie




Verse 1

I went down to my local grocery store, and I was shopping down the isle,

when I saw this pregnant lady, so I gave her a smile

And as I was waiting in line, it was the 8 item or less,

When I noticed that same lady behind me, had a leak coming from under her dress

She yelled I think my water broke, I said, yeah I guess so

I said hey I think you better lay down now, and I put some bacteriostatic newspaper on the floor


All I could remember was...


(Chorus) No head pop up, and bone on bone, no pulling no baby, is what I need to know


Verse 2

You see I told ol' miss prego, I'm a student nurse and I can help, and I never shoulda'  told her that, 'cause soon as I did she started to yell

She said my contractions are strong and fast, and to that well there's no doubt

I told the cashier, man you better call 9-1-1, 'cause this baby's coming out

I tried to remember the impending signs of delivery, but I coulda' remember none

I said lady I need to examine you now, so I put my trusty rubber-maid gloves on


All I could remember was...




Verse 3

And as I took a look at her, I saw something I've never seen,

 Well it looked like her labia, well they were... quivering

And as the baby was comin' out, thank GOD the EMT's arrived, I said man you all can take over now, as for me, I'm gettin' off this ride

The new mom said I'd like to thank you for all you've done, I'd like to name him after you if that's alright,

I said, that would be fine, they call me...Jedi Knight

I said good luck to you and your baby, goodbye and I'll be see-in' ya, and that's the last time I saw those...dang quivering labia


Thank God I remembered...


Chorus (x3)


...I got the quivering labia blues


Written, arranged, produced, and performed by Nurse Master Charlie


Chorus:       T-U-B-E-R-C-U-L-O-S-I-S  (x 4)

Verse 1

Now Tuberculosis, just what is that, is that the name of a car or a name of a cat?

No it's an infectious disease, you can call it TB

its spread through the air that everybody can breath

Now let me tell you, what causes it, the Bacillus Myobacterium Tuberculosis,

Now let me explain what it's all about, take your pencil and your pens and your notepads out

let me reiterate, it's an infectious disease, spread from person to person through the air when they breathe

It can damage the lungs or other body parts, cause a serious illness and even make you depart,

You may laugh like this ain't something to fear, but 8 million develop TB a year, now you may ask,

How does TB present? What are signs and symptoms for you ladies and gents?

You could be tired all the time or have a lingering cough,

Loss of appetite, fever and weight loss, you can have them all or be symptom free, make an appointment to see your PMD for...


Verse 2

So how do you confirm the diagnosis, that you're walking around with Tuberculosis,

One way is to have a PPD skin test, confirm active TB with an X-ray of your chest,

you may be infected, but not have the disease

but it's always in your body, it will never leave

TB is not like any other germ, it lives in your body, just like a worm, it encapsulates in a dormant state,

waiting for a time so it can replicate

when your immunity is down, and you're all stressed

TB can become active like an unwelcomed guest

So what do we do? How do we fight?


What kind of drugs doesn't TB like?

You better treat it, before it's too late, take some Isoniazid (or some INH), if you feel you've been exposed, let somebody know, take the precautions to prevent the growth, the good news is, if you haven't heard,

with modern research, TB will be cured...for

Chorus (x2)

If you have TB don't breathe on me, if you have TB stay away from me (x4)

T-U-B-E-R-C-U-L-O-S-I-S-  TB (x2)


Written, arranged, produced, and performed by Nurse Master Charlie)

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